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AION Plas Senu Embossed type

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Aion Plas Senu Embossed type

Emboss is the best balanced chamois to absorb water, with smooth slide and durability. 3 Sheets Value Pack of Plas Senu Embossed type is recommended to be used for different parts such as body, window and room.

Utilizing the ultra-fine (60 micron) three-dimensional continuous pores, taking advantage of the properties of PVA sponge, absorbing moisture with amazing power & speed.

  • International world recognised brand.
  • Excellent performance is demonstrated far beyond wiping water drops and dirt, cloth cloth etc.
  • Apply unique surface embossing, reduce frictional resistance at wiping by 35%.
  • Because the frictional resistance to the painted surface is extremely low, it is gentle to the car and it can finish wiping off smoothly.

Embossed Plas Senu is the best chamois for absorbing water. Economical and convenient for multiple purpose.

Material: Polyvinyl, Alcohol Sponge, A Polyester Plas Senu Embossed type.

L size approx. 690x430mm, Color:Blue/Yellow/Pink
R size approx. 430x325mm, Color:Blue/Yellow/Pink
S size approx. 430x225mm, Color:Blue/Yellow/Pink
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