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Bando Non caffeine Natural Tea Selection

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Chamomile Tea

It is a healing tea blended with the finest German chamomile originally from Eastern Europe that delivers a sweet scent like a ripe apples to calm the mood and decaffeinated tea without harshness. In Europe, the residual amount of caffeine in "non-caffeine" is determined to be 0.1% or less, and the tea used has cleared the strict standards of Europe, so even those pregnant or lactating can feel relieved

Ingredients: Deca tea (from India), chamomile (from Croatia)

Lavender Tea

Relaxation tea blended with French lavender lavender EX Blue which has a dignified scent reminiscent of the early summer and decoffless tea without harshness.

Deca tea (from India), lavender (from France)

Rooibos Tea

It is a tea body feeling blended with a rare non fermented green rooibos which is said to be beautiful from the inside of a body, rich in flavoring and minerals, and decaffeinated tea without harshness.

Ingredients: Deca tea (Indian), Ruibos (Republic of South Africa)

Lemon Grass

It is a tea that refreshes feeling blended with lemon grass rich in citrus which emits a refreshing scent resembling lemon, having a slightly sweetness and decoction without harshness.

Ingredients: Deca tea (Indian), Lemongrass (Egypt)

Ginger Tea

Increasing dry ginger by 1.5 times as it is, delicious flavor and aroma more UP! And the soft flavor of Green rooibos blended in black tea became easy to drink non-caffeine tea.

Ingredients: Decafé Black (Indian), Ginger (Domestic), Ruibosu (Republic of South Africa)

How to drink:
1. Pour hot water into the tea cup and let it gently fade up and down the tea bag 1 packet up and down.
2. Steam thoroughly for 5 minutes to finish.
(For non-caffeine tea, please take longer time to steam than normal)

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