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CHURACOS Whitening Medicated Chula Toothpaste

Clean, whitening and deodorize – three-in-one
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CHURACOS Whitening Medicated Chula Toothpaste One-Tuft Brush Set

Clean, whitening and deodorize three-in-one, easily brush white teeth.

Remove dental stains and tartar, refresh and remove bad breath, gentle and effective to maintain oral health, allowing you to show a confident smile at any time.


With natural ingredients, you can use it at ease, and easily help you deal with dental problems.

  • Naturally-derived malic acid and vitamin C, which are gentle on the body and are included in "Medicated Chura Tooth Whitening", gently remove stains on teeth.
  • Oolong tea extract: powerful anti-oxidant, making teeth healthier.
  • Allantoin: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, promote cell growth, speed up wound healing, soften keratin, anti-ulcer.
  • Polyaspartic acid: Helps decompose dental stains and tartar, showing natural brightening luster.
  • The sweet apple taste makes the breath fresher.

Work together to create a healthy oral environment.


  • When brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, put a few drops of this product on the toothbrush.
  • Brush your teeth gently for 3~5 minutes to allow the whitening ingredients to enter the teeth thoroughly.
  • Rinse the mouth with clean water.

One-tuft brush

A toothbrush developed by dental specialists such as dentists.

It can be used for areas where tartar is a concern, such as between teeth.

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