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Ichinen Chemicals Cleanview Glass Coat Protect Guard

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Just wipe with a supplied microfiber cloth spray and last 12 months!
Coating becomes even stronger when applied repeatedly.

Directions to use:

  • Work in a place that is well evoked.
  • Do not use while driving.
  • Since it will be difficult to spread or spread unevenness, do not use it when left for a long time while spraying or when it is hot in the scorching sun or the glass is hot.
  • If it adheres to other than the glass surface, wipe it off with a towel etc moistened with water.
  • Do not use during rainy weather.
  • When the temperature is low such as in the winter, use the defroster etc. before warming the glass surface etc.
  • If the wiper blade is deteriorated or the pressure is high, the wiper may malfunction (chatter), so replace the blade or drop the coating if it does not go straight.
  • Because it may causes scratches, do not try it in strong winds or sandy places.
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