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Ichinen Chemicals Cleanview Ion Coat Color Glossy Dark

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High purity carnauba wax and newly formulated ion-oriented resin magic balance gloss and water repellent durability of solid wax. Durability by our durable water repellency test power up for the longest 6 months in solid wax history.

Direction to use:

  • When you are hot in the sun or when the body is hot, do not use it because spots and color unevenness tends to appear.
  • Do not use for repainting or deteriorated coating with falling or stains.
  • Not to cause scratches Do not use it in strong winds or places with a lot of dust.
  • Do not use for body other than painting (plastic tech, unpainted bumper, tire, rubber, glass etc). Wipe off as soon as it adheres.
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