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Ichinen Chemicals Urbain Shine Coating Agent Light 400 ml

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Just spray and flush with water.
Can also be used for wet body.

Direction to use:

  • Do not use for purposes other than original use.
  • Since it is harmful to aspirate, use it in a well ventilated place.
  • When it is hot or when the body is hot, do not use it as it causes unevenness and spots.
  • Do not leave it for a long time because it causes unevenness and spots when left unsprayed.
  • Do not use it because it may become a spot if it is used for repainted or deteriorated painted surface (including aero parts and plastic parts).
  • Being a cause of scratches, do not use it when the wind is strong or where there are many dust clouds.
  • Do not use for glass. If an oil film is formed on the glass after work, it should be dropped with an oil film sizing agent.
  • Wash hands with soap after use.
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