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KAO CLEAR CLEAN Premium Medicated Toothpaste

To strengthen teeth and prevent cavities
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Kao Clear Clean Premium Medicated Toothpaste provides reliable protection against tooth decay and oral diseases. It also has a pleasant mint flavor and helps to refresh bad breath.


  • The highly-concentrated fluorine formula promotes the remineralization of the teeth;
  • Strengthens the enamel structure;
  • Prevents dental caries and other oral diseases;
  • Removes impurities, bacteria, and germs;
  • Has a whitening effect;
  • Refreshes the bad breath.

Contains 1450ppm high concentration fluorine.

*Fluorine promotes enamel restoration (remineralization), enhances tooth acid resistance, strengthens tooth structure, and prevents tooth decay.

In addition, a unique prescription that contains "calcium supplementation aid (xylitol)" and "adsorption accelerator (GP calcium * 2)" so that fluorine is easily adsorbed on teeth.

Premium mint flavor that keeps you feeling refreshed.

Suitable for sensitive teeth and gums.

How to use: Brush the teeth twice a day, in the morning and evening.

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