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LION CLINICA Advantage Cool Mint Toothpaste x 2pcs

Preventive care
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LION Clinica Advantage Cool Mint Preventive careToothpaste

It is a product with a floss sample attached to a medicated toothpaste that can totally practice the three points of "preventive dentistry" (fluorine, sterilization, plaque removal) with one.

  • Unique "high adhesion fluorine prescription" promotes enamel restoration and prevents tooth development and progression
  • Contains "enzyme (dextranase)" that decomposes and removes plaque, and "TDS (Na tetradecene sulfonate)" that makes it easier to remove plaque.
  • "LSS (Lauroyl sarcosine Na)" sterilizes the causative bacteria and prevents bad breath and bad breath.
  • "TPP (Na polyphosphate)" prevents tartar deposits
  • Cool mint flavor with a refreshing sensation
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