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ORIHIRO Amino Body

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Orihiro Amino Body Amino Body (Soy Peptide)

Product introduction

Description of item

"Orihiro Amino Body Amino Body (Soy Peptide)" is a nutritional food with vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. As raw materials, we use soy peptide and various amino acids that are excellent in digestion and absorption. Amino acids are the basic substances that make up the body. It is important to eat protein with good amino acid balance to maintain health. With a daily dose of 10 tablets, you can take 0.9 mg of vitamin B1, 0.9 mg of vitamin B6, and a good balance of various amino acids. Recommended for those who tend to have an irregular diet. Contains about 250 tablets.

Nutrition function

Vitamin B1 is a nutrient that helps to produce energy from carbohydrates and maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes.
Vitamin B6 is a nutrient that helps produce energy from proteins and keeps skin and mucous membranes healthy.

Serving precautions

・ This product, unlike food for specified health use, has not been individually reviewed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
– High doses do not cure the plague or improve health. Please follow the recommended daily intake.
・ Eating habits are based on a staple food, a main dish, and a side dish.

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