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ORIHIRO Night Diet Tea

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Night diet tea

In addition to the amino acids glycine, lysine, ornithine, and arginine, various ingredients were added. Grapefruit-flavored granule type, stick type that is convenient to carry, so you can use it on the go. A supplement that supports the beauty of busy women.


Dextrin, reduced maltose starch syrup, plant fermentation extract powder (dextrin, oligosaccharide, sugar, sugar beet, wormwood, etc.), L-ornithine hydrochloride, L-carnitine fumarate, white kidney bean extract, garcinia extract powder, Rahma extract , Lactic acid bacteria (bactericidal) / glycine, L-lysine hydrochloride, acidulant, chitosan, flavor, L-arginine, glue (pullulan), tricalcium phosphate, eggshell calcium, sweetener (sucralose, acesulfame K), ( Some include yam, apples, milk ingredients, crab)

Main ingredients: In 1 product (3g): 2000mg of amino acids (glycine, lysine, ornithine, arginine), fermented plant extract powder 100mg, Raffa extract powder 5mg, white kidney bean extract powder 20mg, chitosan 50mg, L-carnitine fumarate 50mg , Garcinia extract powder 20mg, 10 billion lactic acid bacteria (sterilized)

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