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ORIHIRO Barley Grass Supper Tea

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ORIHIRO Barley Grass Supper Tea

Barley Wakaba Super 100

1. Adopts easy-to-drink barley leaves that have a flavor like matcha.
2. Contains plenty of nutrients such as dietary fiber, calcium, and carotene that tend to be insufficient!
3. It is a convenient and small package that can be used by many people who eat out.

What is young barley

Leaf of barley barley. Generally, it refers to the time when the height of the plant begins to form young panicles, 20-30 cm. It contains plenty of nutrients to grow larger and is a popular ingredient in green juice.
Compared to spinach, it is 18 times potassium, 4.8 times iron, 3 times vitamin C, 3.8 times magnesium, 6.5 times carotene, 15 times protein, and rich in nutrients.

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