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ORIHIRO Protein Slim Pro

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Soy protein as a protein source using soy protein (use soy separated and distributed)

● Garcinia extract blended

● BCAA blended

● Multivitamin / mineral blended 11 vitamins and 3 minerals blended

● Soy-flavored plain type

Because it is fragrant soy-flavored and has no habit, anyone can use it easily.


● Use 10g (1 tablespoon serving) as a guide for water, milk, etc. Please use after melting. If it is difficult to melt, we recommend using a commercially available shaker.

● If you add it to the dish, it will increase the nutritional value and add a new flavor.

● The approximate daily amount of protein is 50 g. Please be careful not to take too much, referring to the amount of food you eat per day. Precautions

● If you do not meet your physical condition or are not feeling well, please discontinue use.

● If powder adheres to the chuck, it will be difficult to close. Remove the powder before closing.

● Small black grains are seen, but the quality is not a problem because it is derived from the ingredients.

● If you are being treated for a disease or are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before eating.

● Please keep in mind that if you put it in your mouth as it may clog your throat.

● Dietary balance is based on staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes.

* If you are allergic to soybeans, please refrain from using it.
* Garcinia extract is included, so be careful not to take too much.

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