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ORIHIRO Squalene 180-390 Tablets

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Shark Liver Oil (containing 99.6% squalene or more), Gelatin, Glycerin

Nutrition Facts:
2640 mg/ 6 capsules (including gelatin capsules)
Energy: 19kcal; Protein: 0.62 g; Fat: 1.77 g; Carbohydrate: 0.21 g; Sodium: 0.4 mg

Main Components:
2640 mg/ 6 capsules (including gelatin capsules)
Shark Liver Oil 1800 mg (containing 99.6% squalene or more)

Product Details:
A dietary supplement that contains squalene extracted from shark liver oil. Use it for the daily maintenance of a healthy body.

Take approx. 6 capsules per day, spreading it out between meals, with water or warm water.
Drink plenty of water after the intake if you experience discomfort in the throat area.
First-time user is recommended to start by consuming only a small amount.
Avoid taking the supplement on an empty stomach.
Do not exceed recommended daily intake.

*Does not contain any preservative. Once opened, the supplement need to be consumed as soon as possible.

Storage Recommendations:
Avoid hot, humid storage locations, such as in the car in summer. Storing under warm conditions may cause gelatin capsule to deform and the oil contents to oxidize and separate, losing potency over time. Avoid hot, humid storage locations. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Recommended Daily Allowance: 6 capsules

A 30-day supply (Iif you choose 180 Pack)

A 65-day supply ( If you choose 390 Pack)

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