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Orienex Hair Brush Cleaner

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Product Details

A hair remover that removes hair and dust entangled in a dense brush. The appearance is very small, but the stainless steel that spreads in a fan shape draws your hair tightly. Perfect for cleaning your favorite brushes, expensive brushes and even pet brushes. Brushes can be used for a long time by taking care of them.

How to use

1. Put the brush sideways and slide the hair brush cleaner on the base of the brush hair. At this time, please be careful not to damage the hairbrush.

2. Apply the hair brush cleaner to the brush tip. Slowly, you can write out tangled hair and dust.

3. Repeat several times until the brush is free of hair and dust.

* The tip of the hairbrush cleaner is sharp, so handle with care.
* Make sure that there are no people around you before use.
* Please use for brushes made using natural hair.

Size (approx.): 11cm wide x 3.5cm deep x 1.5cm high.

Material: Beech material Stainless steel.

How to care

If dirt remains in the cleaner, remove the dirt carefully while sandwiching the cleaner as it is a soft cloth. Please do not remove dirt by washing with water.

* If there is too much hair or dust entangled with the brush, it cannot be removed all at once. It is recommended to clean the brush regularly.

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