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Silky Wood Boy 130 mm

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Product Description Silky Wood Boy 130 mm

305mm×60mm×20mm when folded, 560mm×65mm×20mm when used
Blade crossing 240mm, 22nd piece/30mm, cutting width 0.76mm, weight 210g

8 inch type of "Woodboy" series, ideal for DIY

Very fine number of stitches makes it ideal for finishing interior work. Also, because it has no clams, it has a cut like silk cut skin.

Dowel cutting work that cuts along columns and floors can be done easily, so you can save the time and effort of post-finishing.

By raising the angle of the blade by one step compared to the normal blade angle, you can comfortably perform work where the handle is in the way.

The handle has a hole for attaching a carabiner, so please attach a carabiner when you need to prevent falling, such as when working in high places.

The mirror surface is polished and the cut surface is finished very cleanly.

Since we have made a special setting for our original future eye, you can smoothly cut vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Hardened steel is further hardened only at the tip of the blade, increasing the wear resistance of the blade edge by several times.

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