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Soft99 Aluminum Mesh Sheet


Soft99 Aluminum Mesh Sheet SCP143

The Aluminum Mesh Sheet allows the putty to get into its mesh to adhere firmly, which then achieves the high durability repair withstanding considerable shock or vibration. You can cut it as you choose, and it allows you to use it anywhere like aero parts or the part with holes.

Directions to use

* Remove oil, rust or paint from the area being repaired with Atelier 99 Waterproof Abrasive Paper and Atelier 99 Silicone Off (both sold separately).

1. Cut the sheet as needed.

2. Put the cut sheet over the hole and apply the putty around sheet.

3. Apply the putty on the whole area.

* After it hardens, polish it and finish up with Atelier 99 Body paint.

$4.99 In stock
Product Region:Japan
Contents:1sheet (150×100mm)
Handling Time:5 days