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Soft99 BLACK PARTS ONE - Unpainted Resin Parts Refresh Kit

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Product Details

This product is for the unpainted resin parts such as a part of a bumper or around wipers. 2 kinds of liquid are included in this package; 'Liquid Binder', which removes dirt marks from the surface of resin parts, and 'Hard Clear Coat', which creates Silicon-based thick and hard film coating. This coating is hard to soften and get dirty, therefore, it can keep a good condition of the surface for a long time.

Directions to use

* Remove any stubborn dirt marks with water and wipe off any water drops remaining on the surface in advance.

1. Shake the bottle of 'Liquid Binder' well. Put a small amount of the liquid on the included sheet and spread it evenly. Afterward, wipe it off with the clean side of the sheet.

2. Detach a piece from sponges, put the liquid of 'Hard Clear Coat' on the black side of the sponge, and then apply it evenly.

* Do not touch the car for 24 hour after applying.

* If the liquid gets on the other parts, wipe it off immediately.

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