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Soft99 Prime Clear Shampoo -Cleansing Shampoo for Coated Cars-

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Product Details

This cleansing shampoo can remove stubborn dirt which adheres onto coated layer surface. Micro powder can remove water stain and water mark throughout.

This can use up to 7 middle size vehicles and compatible for all colors. Neutral type doesn't damage to coated layer.

Directions to use

* Wash off the body in advance.

1. Shake the bottle well.

2. Put shampoo directly with soaked sponge and wash car.

3. Rinse off with water until the bubble is disappeared.

4. Wipe off water with towel or absorbent cloth.

* The effect gets weaken if apply with small amount or degree of dirt, then use plenty of shampoo.

* It is possible to use for window or mirror, however in case of unevenness occurred, wipe off with wrung towel.

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