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Soft99 Roompia Panel Clear Coat Agent

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Product Details
Brand: Soft99
Product Region: Japan
Contents: 4ml
Handling Time: 5 day

Powerfully repellent Fusso-based touchscreen and piano black coating that guards against fingerprints, smudges, makeup, sunscreen, etc. to keep your interior panels looking fresh, lasting for around one month. Not only does it massively reduce smudging, but also makes it so easy to wipe off any dirt or smudges with just a swipe of a cloth. Also, by enhancing the smoothness of touchscreens, the ease-of-use is also improved. Compatible with touchscreens, interior panels, piano black parts, rear-view mirrors, smartphones, and tablet screens!

About this item

Coating for LCD screens and other panels

Contents: 13.4 ft (4 m)

Includes: Coating, Cleaning Cloth, Woven Sponge

How to use the product

1. First, clean away smudges, dust, and dirt with the included cloth to get a perfectly clean surface. For electronic devices, shut down before application. Do not scrub aggressively, may cause scratches.

2. Apply a moderate amount of the liquid to the white surface of the included sponge. Using too much liquid may cause dripping.

3. Completely and evenly spread the liquid over the surface to be treated. If the sponge seems to be drying out, add more liquid.

4. After about 30 minutes, wipe away any unevenness with a tissue. Dry to touch after 30 minutes; complete curing 90+ minutes.

NOTE: If the desired effect is not achieved, repeat the above steps to layer the coating.

If contact occurs with another surface, wipe off immediately.

Contents can treat a 9 inch (11×20cm) screen around 16 times.

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