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Soft99 Smooth EGG Platinum Liquid

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Product Details

Excellent quick coat produces gloss, shine, slidability and water repellency with easy procedure. Blended 4 polymer concendately, the effect is wet look shine, smooth surface condition, strong water repellency that conventional product cannot achieve. It also makes preventing from scratch, dust and dirt.

Of course this water based quick coat can use for coated cars and compatible for all colors. 1 bottle can use 6 middle size cars.

Directions to use

* Shake the bottle well with holding stopper.

1. Rinse off dirt or dust with car wash.

2. Detach the trigger and spray in wet condition car body.

* Moderate amount is 2 shots for 50 square cm.

* If use in dry condition, spray 1 shot for 50 square cm.

3. Wipe off immediately with included towel.

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