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Soft99 Bumper Lacquer Putty Dark Color

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Bumper Lacquer Putty can adhere specifically to the main material of the polypropylene bumper. You can even use it without the bumper primer. The flexible spatula, which helps you apply the putty on curvy bumper, is included.

Directions to use

1. Remove dust or dirt in advance. In order to make the putty adhere firmly to the surface, we recommend you to rub the area being repaired with the sandpaper, remove oil with Atelier 99 Silicone Off and spray Atelier 99 Bumper Primer (both sold separately).

2. Put a moderate amount of the putty on the included spatula.

3. Apply putty on the area being repaired while filling in the scratches. Finish up with Waterproof Abrasive Paper and Body Paint (both sold separately).

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