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Soft99 Smooth Egg Hydro Flash

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Product Details

New developed water mark prevention quick coat. Combines hydro polymer create water prevention layer which produces water sheeting effect, also "peeling effect" can remove stubborn dirt which causes water stain. Special leveling agent effect stay the polymer and keep the layer evenly. The beautiful shine and gloss expect lasting even after rain.
It is available not only for body surface, but also glass, wheel, chrome part, headlight cover, and interior plastic parts. This bottle can use apporx 8 cars. Available for coated cars.

Directions to use

* Shake the bottle well with attaching stopper.

1. Rinse off dirt or dust with car wash.

2. Detach the trriger and spray in wet condition car body.

* Moderate amount is 3 shots for 50 square cm.

3. Wipe off immediately with included towel.

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