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Soft99 Wheel Cleansing Coat

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Product Details

Cleansing Coat is a high-spec wheel cleaner and coating for best results. The weak alkaline cleaning ingredient floats difficult water stains and grease and removes them, adding a water repellent coating on the surface to prevent dirt from adhering. The newly developed brush, Cleansing Driver, has a special urethane form, flat-shaped inner frame, microfiber surface and newly designed grip. It's a no-compound type liquid and the bottle type container prevents the liquid from splattering to the inside of wheels.

Directions to use

* Remove dirt and sand with water in advance.

1. Shake the bottle well and apply Cleansing Coat to the included brush.

2. Rub on the wheel and remove dirt. Rub firmly on sticky dirt.

3. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean soft towel.

* Microfiber may shift out of position if excessive force is applied to the brush while working. In that case, put it back in place before using again.

* Drive at the low speed after use to make sure the brake works properly.

* The coating result will be improved by applying repeatedly.

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