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Wiper Vibration and Remains Reduced

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Simply apply the wiper rubber to eliminate uncomfortable bibing.

POINT Easy to eliminate uncomfortable bibing.
Simply apply the wiper rubber surface with a fluorine coating. Reduces bibability and streaking.
Cannot be used with water repellent wipers as it will lose its water repellency.

How to Use:

Remove blade from wiper arm.

Clean dirt and dust on wiper rubber surface and dry well.

Shake the bottle well and remove the liquid from the brush that comes with the cap and apply a thin coat on both sides of the wiper rubber.
Please be careful not to apply too much.

Wipe 2-3 times with a soft, dry cloth that is clean and dry.

Let the wiper dry for 30 minutes or more.
Please use the wiper after more than 2 hours.
If the effect is weak at once, please repeat the process.
Depending on the type of wiper rubber or the degree of deterioration, the effect may not be effective.


Please use the wiper after more than 2 hours

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