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ZERIA Chondroitin ZS

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ZERIA Chondroitin ZS

Product introduction

Pain is also a signal of attention to the living body, and is an important physiological phenomenon.
Unpleasant symptoms continue and hinder daily life. Especially joint pain, lower back pain is likely to occur with aging, and such improvement of symptoms is important.
Chondroitin sulfate is a substance found in the body, especially for articular cartilage, blood vessels and cornea.
It is present in a large number and plays a role of maintaining body elasticity, physical cushion, and water retentionl and so on. In addition, the metabolism of cells (excreting waste products).

For such people

  • Those who have difficulty getting up and down the stairs, those who have difficulty standing and sitting, those who hurt when they get cold,
  • If you get tired and your back becomes heavy, you have lifted a heavy object and hurt your back,
  • Those who can't get their shoulders up or get stuck, or those who can't easily get tired.
  • Those who have joint pain or neuralgia at the turn of the season, recently became hard to hear
  • Those who say, those who are in a noisy environment.
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