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CCI Smart Mist Body Coating Scratches Off Water Repellent Type Refill 500ml

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Economical refilling pack of smart mist scratch eraser repellent.

Spray on a wet car body after wash, then wipe it off (can also be used for dry body). Make your car shine and gloss like after wax usage with a simple spray and wipe. Easy to use without effort, will see instant result.

With the function of a special penetrant, the dirt inside the car wash scratches is removed, the glass polymer fills the scratch, and finishes to the surface of "vine gloss".

The more often you use it – the better effect you get. The smoothness of the surface of the body further increases, and it is more "Vineya" state!

Ideal for coating cars to restore wax repellency and gloss. Can be used on any prts such as wheels, unpainted resin part, glass, dashboard etc.

* Please do not use it where there is a fear of hindrance to driving, such as steering wheels, brakes, engine, muffler, etc. where it gets hot.

Direction to use:

1. Shake well and open the cap.

※ If you open the pouch with a strong force, please be careful because the liquid may pop out.

2. Pour into the bottle.

※ Refill pouch is 500 ml (about 2 times of the 280ml bottle). Please pour a suitable amount according to the size of the bottle.

3. Close the cap.

※ Please keep the remaining liquid tightly and store in a cool dark place.

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