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CCI Smart Shine Tire Wax 1000 ml

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Water based tire wax

The formed coating has durability and has the effect of preventing cracking of the tire due to ozone in the air.

Super high durability type with long-lasting beautiful deep gloss with high viscosity silicone.

Direction to use:

1. Wash off sand / mud soil on the tire surface to be coated with water.

2. Shake the bottle well and turn the nozzle tip to the "ON" position.

3. Sprinkle a small amount on the sponge, spread with a sponge. Or spray directly on the tire.
* When spraying directly please note that liquid splashes and rebound and there is a fear of getting to the eyes.Please use protective glasses!
* Do not apply to any brake part

4. Spread it with the sponge

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