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Comtec | Takumi Brand TN Headlight Cleaner

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Kusumi Clear
Headlight cleaner & coating kit
Thoroughly clear finish with 4 types of ground treatment. High durability deterioration prevention coat.

■ Thoroughly clear dullness! Long-term prevention of re-degradation with glass-based coating!
Two types of water-resistant abrasive paper are used to remove yellowing, cloudiness and small scratches on the headlight. Furthermore, it is thoroughly cleared by the compound and finish cleaner. Dedicated glass-based coating prevents re-deterioration for a long time.

■ Clear headlights that have deteriorated due to 4 types of ground treatment
Using two types of water-resistant abrasive paper, compound and finish cleaner, it is possible to clear and smooth the deteriorated headlight surface. Thorough ground processing provides an excellent finish effect.

■ Prevents re-deterioration for a long time with special coating
A flexible, clear glassy film is formed on the headlight surface with the included special coating agent. Prevents re-degradation of headlights over a long period of time.

■ Other performance
・ Water repellent type

Sustainability: About 6 months to 1 year (varies depending on storage environment)
・ Includes two types of water-resistant abrasive paper
・ Compound included
・ Finish cleaner included
・ For 1 to 2 headlights
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