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The meaning of NAMI in Japanese is “wave”.

We chose this name because of the similarly wave shape design, along with the water like flow effect while running it through your hair.

Using the NAMI comb allows an even smoother, simpler and less resistant method for untangling your hair.

The NAMI comb becomes more than just any styling tool, transcending the norm into a desirable fashion statement.

“NAMI” is a model that pursues the ultimate gentleness under the concept of hair protection. Developed “Wave Blade” that gently loosens hair that tends to get tangled. Wave blades loosen tangled hair in the horizontal direction. The F series has a traditional Japanese satin finish on the parts and has a matte finish. LOVE CHROME is a hair comb made and developed in Japan using latest technology “JP CHROME-TECH” Smooth surface processing minimizes "contact friction" and ultra-hard processing significantly reduces hair damage. Cuts up to 70% or more damage compared to normal brushing. In addition, it closes the fine cavities, prevents dirt, and is hygienic. The tip of the spherical blade edge gently protects the background. Pursuing thorough ease of use. The ultra-lightweight design facilitates daily hair care without difficulty. Protects the shine and firmness of hair with daily combing and protects the original shine. It absorbs and diffuses static electricity.

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