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Love Chrome

The LOVE CHROME® comb utilizes a unique electro-chrome plating technology called

JP CHROME-TECH®, which is a proprietary anti-static chrome plating process that removes static friction, reduces bacteria and decreases hair damage by up to 70%.

The resulting effect helps keep your hair extra-strong and healthy, while prolonging your hairs glamorous shine.

JP CHROME-TECH® is a meticulous processing technique founded in Japan and based on traditional Japanese skills passed down through generations.

During the chrome plating process the LOVE CHROME® undergoes a severe heat cycle test starting from -40°C and going up to 70°C more than 4 times, producing our highly durable surface while retaining an elegant & ceramic like comb.

Each individual comb takes more than 8 hours to complete.


The TETSUKI line is a beautiful hair comb designed with innovative craftsmanship.

Our TETSUKI premium black comb boasts a thicker coating providing even higher durability. We especially recommend it to those with easily damaged hair.


The TSUKI comb is an exclusive design based on 10th century Japanese artifacts, which were carried only by women of the highest class.

Based on inputs from our beauty specialist, we have incorporated a very useful parting blade on one end of the comb, making it much easier to part your hair.


The meaning of NAMI in Japanese is “wave”.

We chose this name because of the similarly wave shape design, along with the water like flow effect while running it through your hair.

Using the NAMI comb allows an even smoother, simpler and less resistant method for untangling your hair.

The NAMI comb becomes more than just any styling tool, transcending the norm into a desirable fashion statement.

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