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ORIHIRO Fucoidan

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Product Details

Product description

● Extracted and refined from seaweed mekabu and packed with hard capsules to make it easy to use high-quality ingredients with high content of fucoidan.

● Please use Fucoidan, a bounty from the sea, to protect your important health.

How to eat

● Consume approximately 3 tablets per day with water or hot water.

● If you feel uncomfortable in your throat, drink plenty of water.

● If you are using for the first time, please take a small amount.

● Please observe the recommended daily intake.

Product Name / Name

● Mechabu extract processed food


● Mechabu extract fucoidan, corn starch, dextrin / gelatin, sucrose fatty acid ester

Nutritional ingredients

0.20g lipid, 0.03g carbohydrate, 0.51g salt equivalent, 0-0.02g Mekabu extract (containing 80% fucoidan)

Preservation method

Avoid moisture and store in a cool place.


● After opening, fasten the lid and store in the outer box, and consume as soon as possible.

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