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Soft99 Glaco Blave

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Product Details

The first ever glaco, provide strong water repellent for glass and plastics. Water repellent component links tightly against invisible uneven surface. Produce water repellency not only for glass but also for clear plastics such as headlight cover, side visor, tail lamp cover, helmet shield and goggles. Ensure clear visibility for driver and rider driving in rain.
No need to wait for dry, quick application process. Once apply and wipe, produce water repellent power immediately.

Directions to use

* Rinse off dirt or dust before use.

1. Take off the cap and apply directly. Directly apply because it attaches felt applicator. Quick application without getting dirty your hand.

2. Apply gently full coverage. If remain unevenness area, it cannot produce original performance. Apply firmly without making gap.

3. Immediately wipe off with included towel. (Dry condition)* No need to wait for drying. Wipe off immediately before liquid gets dry.

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