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Soft99 Smooth EGG Liquid

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Product Details

Newly formulated "Repair Coat" repairs a damaged professional glass coating, adding water repellent effect. Just spray on the wet body of the vehicle after car wash, wipe down the surface and you're done! You will get a water repellent coating which is as smooth as a peeled boiled egg.
It can be used on a vehicle without a professional coating and provide a smooth surface as well.
Feel free to use on wheels, windows, headlights, tail lamps, plastic parts, vehicle interior, etc. Compatible with any color of vehicle.

Directions to use

1. Remove dust and dirt with water. For best results, use 'SMOOTH EGG Shampoo for Repair'.

2. Spray on the wet body of the vehicle.

* Can be used on a dry surface.

* Apply roughly one spray per 9.1 square ft. (30cm2).

3. Fold the included cloth into quarters and wipe down the body of vehicle, wringing the cloth to dry as needed.

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