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Soft99 Treatment Shampoo For Coated Cars - EXTRA GOLD-

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Only car shampoo wash, restore smooth and glossy surface which is weaken the coating effect, also provide water repellency. Intensively repairs and fill in damaged, chipped glass coating areas to be smoothness surface by creating water repellent shiny layer.
*When used on the hydrophilic or hydrophobic coated vehicle, the water repellent effect appears temporarily.
Use for good coating condition, make the protective layer and reduce deterioration to be original condition for a long period.
No compound included, compatible with any color of vehicle.

Directions to use

*Rinse dust or sand with water in advance.

1. Shake the bottle, keeping it closed tightly.

2. Soak the included sponge in the water, apply the proper amount of the liquid to it and begin washing.When diluting the liquid, add 1L of water to 2 cups of the liquid.

*The water repellent effect and shine will be reduced.

3. After washing, rinse thoroughly until all soap are gone.

4. Dry with the towel or absorbent cloth.

*The results might not appear significantly with the less amount of the liquid. In that case, apply more liquid and wash the car more frequently.

*If the unevenness leaves behind after using on the glass and mirrors, wipe it off with a wet towel.



Шампунь Soft99 Treatment Shampoo For Coated Cars - EXTRA GOLD-

Этот недавно разработанный шампунь мягко очищает автомобиль при помощи обильной плотной пены. После использования на кузове остается прочная восковая пленка, которая ускоряет сход воды и предотвращает налипание грязи.

Способ применения:

1. Сбейте грязь и пыль струей воды.

2. Хорошо встряхните бутылку и нанесите шампунь на влажную губку.

3. Помойте автомобиль прямолинейными движениями.

4. Смойте пену и протрите автомобиль микрофибровым полотенцем.


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