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ZERIA Aposty® Lotion

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ZERIA Aposty® Lotion

Product introduction

Normally, various types of bacteria are well-balanced on the surface of the skin and form the skin flora.
However, if the balance between bacteria on the skin is lost due to environmental changes, etc.
Bacterial growth, skin troubles such as rashes, boiled skin and acne commonly seen daily.
In addition, the skin may be scratched due to itching due to dermatitis and dryness of the skin.
Scratches can make the symptoms worse.
Apostie Lotion has a good feeling for use to restore healthy skin
It is a disinfecting lotion.
Take an appropriate amount of this product in the palm of your hand or in absorbent cotton and use it on affected areas such as the face and limbs.


○ Because it is a microemulsion preparation, it is not sticky and has excellent usability.
○ As we use base with moisture retention effect, we are moist after use.
○ External preparation with the same weak acidity as the skin, no coloring and no fragrance.

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