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Comtec | Takumi Brand TN Quick Water Enhancer

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«Overlapping gloss»
Easy installation from the top of the coating. Gloss / Water Repellency UP

■ Easy! Gloss increases with each coating!
A simple water-based coating that can be sprayed and wiped off the wet body after washing. Every time construction is performed, the feeling of gloss and smoothness increases, and the water repellent performance also achieves outstanding effects.

■ Can also be used for plastic parts and coated vehicles!
Can also be used for plastic parts such as headlights, plated parts and visors. Ideal for maintenance of coated vehicles.

■ Other performance
・ Water repellent type
・ Use for each car wash
・ All paint colors supported
・ Coating vehicles
・ 8-10 cars for light / small cars

■ How to use
Shake the container well, remove the stopper, turn the nozzle to ON and push it once every 40-50cm square. Apply linearly while wiping with the included cloth.
* After use, be sure to turn the nozzle off and store.
* Can be used in wet or dry body.

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