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Comtec | Takumi Brand TN Cleaner Coat

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Contains special micro powder. Removes water stains and dullness to bring it to its original brightness.

■ Easy-to-use cleaner in multibody coating!
A cleaner-in-coating agent that can be used to remove dullness and water stains and coat in one operation.
Can be used on wet bodies after washing, and can be used on plastic parts and plated parts.
You can easily refresh the body that has lost its luster due to aging.

■ Deep luster and beautiful shine
Dullness and fine scratches are eliminated with special micro powder. A glass-based polymer with a deep luster and beautiful shine.

■ Amazing multi-performance
Dullness elimination, water stain removal, polishing effect, water repellency effect, dirt prevention, all paint colors supported, 3 months durability and one product with amazing multi-performance!

■ Other performance
・ Water repellent type
・ Water repellency: About 3 months (varies depending on storage environment)
・ All paint colors supported
・ 5-6 cars for light / small cars

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