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Hikari Bicycle


Hikari Bicycle HEA009

Because bicycles also need protection that will keep them shiny as new, Hikari Bicycles now has a glass coating for your bicycle. It keeps water and dirt from penetrating the paint. It also prevents the formation of rust.

Complete kit containing one 10 ml bottle of the main liquid glass coating, 1 application sponge, 2 fiber cloths for wiping.

  1. Want to ride your bike, but it's too dirty? Keep your bike in sparkling condition with Hikari Glass. The protective gloss from the product will last up to five years, and the only maintenance needed is an occasional shower with water.
  2. Coat the vehicle with Hikari to form a glass paint protective layer. The coating will last several years. A glossy mirror-like depth is achieved when adding the coat on the bike's surface.
  3. Enjoy riding in cold weather without worrying about the rain. The coat includes protection against stains caused by rain. It prevents decaying and keeps the bike in good condition.
Hikari Bicycles can also prevent minor scratches on bicycles surfaces. The 9H pencil scratching test results indicate the highest level of scratches does not affect the Hikari glass coat.
$46.99 In stock
Product Region:Japan
Handling Time:3 days
Hikari Bicycle Hikari Bicycle