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CARMATE Dr Deo D226 Anti Bacterial Spray

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CARMATE Dr Deo D226 Anti-Bacterial Spray

  • Strong eradication eliminates odor by oxidative decomposition and eliminates virus
  • Deodorant performance 200% (compared with our previous products)
  • Deodorant ingredients are used even for hospitals and restaurant business "Stabilized chlorine dioxide" adopted
  • Disinfection deodorant which does not deceive with scent
  • Spray and direct spray to the place to worry about quick release type that can eliminate bacteria and deodorize

  • Contents: Hand Spray 250ml
  • Ingredients: Sterile bacterial deodorant (stabilized chlorine dioxide), Liquid: Neutral
  • Application: Disinfection and deodorization of space and fabric product
  • Non-incense type

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