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Hikari Ocean Blue Boats (Pre-Order)

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Hikari Glass Coating (Aluminum / FRP). Elegant work, professional grade finish, glass coating lasts 2 years!

* Depending on the environment, sustainability of 1 to 5 years is confirmed by our own experiments!

We have developed a perfect glass coating product which is durable to the sea salty water.It can be used not only for the FRP part of the ship but also for the resin part of the sunshade. The resin which became whitish with sunburn will revive. By immersing in seawater, you can prevent adhesion of shellfish and algae to the bottom and side of the ship, and it is very easy to clean every season. Unlike cars and motorbikes, the duration of the effect is not uniform depending on the frequency with which the ship is immersed in sea water, but it can be maintained by applying it every few years.

Directions to use:

1) Remove sand, tide, wax, paste, dirt, dust etc. on the construction surface with detergent with high oil decomposition ability or silicon off, completely wipe off dirt and moisture and dry. (When impurities remain on the construction surface, the coating film does not fix on the construction surface)

2) Apply an appropriate amount (about 5-6 drops at a time) of the glass coating agent for ships, move the sponge in the longitudinal direction and the lateral direction, so that there is no unpainted one panel (about 50 cm square) coating only edgeless microfiber Wipe it with a cloth to polish it. We will further proceed with the coating work of the entire paint. ※ Rubber, including plastic parts)

3) When finished painting the whole, it is completed from 4 hours (summer) to 8 hours (winter) by air drying.
* For wiping work, please do not rub it strongly, do not polish, work with the sense to wipe to the last.
* The surface can be dried and touched after construction for about 24 hours (30 hours in winter) but the complete curing of the coating will be after 50 hours (60 hours in winter), so 50 hours after construction (60 hours in winter) Please do not pour water or scrape strongly.
* Even if it is applied to both sides of a surfboard, we recommend that you conduct construction on one side.
(There is a possibility that marks will remain on the part that was touching the board stand etc. when putting the surface coated with the coating agent in contact with the board stand etc. and drying it.)
* When performing multiple coating, please open at least 50 hours (60 hours in winter) or more.
* Increasing the number of constructions will increase the coating thickness rather than increasing the amount of liquid material used once.
* After use in the sea, wash away sand and tide with clean water, wipe off water drop with fiber cloth, please put it in the board case.

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