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Tsurugi has the largest collection of Soft99 products that can be shipped internationally to the U.K. I believe the car care products are very good. On top of that Tsurugi’s customer service is top notch, they will do their best to help. Thank you

Eikosha Air Spencer


Добрый день мой друг! Посылку наконец то получил ! Благодарю за подарок. В будущем буду пользоваться ещё вашим сервисом ! С уважением

Japanese Quality

CARMATE Dr Deo D78 Anti Bacterial Virus

I bought car care products from Tsurugi and soon realized Japanese high-tech products quality. Especially Virus-Doctor spray is my favourite in these Covid times. I will definitely continue buying all car-care products from Tsurugi for my Toyota Highlander. It shines better than ever and enjoys the Virus Doctor spray which gives peace of mind after […]